March 14, 2018

Tips# 61:How to Choose Good Quality Vegetables?

Vegetables are the prime ingredients of our diet and we spend a lot for them. Some times in haste we buy the vegetables displayed attractively in super markets or in road side shops and we complain that they have cheated us. The taste of the cooking depends on the quality of the vegetables we use. What to look for in appearance and texture is very important in choosing vegetables. So use these Smart Samayal Tips to get the basic skills of selecting good  vegetables and avoid wasting money:
  • The skin of the Raddish should be soft. 
  • Look for plump and firm bulbs in Garlics that are completely surrounded by their tissue-like covering. Avoid ones that have green sprouts.
  • Look for firm, unblemished, and dark green cucumbers. Firm is different from hard. Feel it before buying.
  • The seeds in the Broad beans must not be protruding. 
  • Look for firm carrots with relatively smooth skin. Avoid thick carrots, as they often have tough centers. 
  • If you press the bottle gourd with your nail, it should be able to go inside.
  • Choose eggplants that are heavy for their size and have smooth skin.
  • The ridge gourd should not be broad at the bottom and narrow at the top. It should be almost even.
  • Get the green bell peppers without shrunken skin. Don,t buy the ones in dark green.
  • The snake gourds should be firm with out soft. If it is soft, it will have too much of sponge and seeds.
  • Get flat and lengthy bitter gourds to get good taste. Don't buy the rounded ones.
  • Lengthy green chillies are less hot and the bulging short ones are very hot. So use it accordingly.
  • Choose a crisp and heavy headed Cabbage.
  • The potatoes should not be seen with sprouts and avoid buying the ones with green nerves.
  • The stem portion seen on the top of the onions should be short for the good ones.
  • The skin of the Ginger if scratched with your nail should be easily peeled.