October 02, 2014

Tip #54: Untold Kitchen Tips

Collection of Kitchen and Cooking tips from various sources and using them to make cooking interesting and easy is a never ending and ever learning  process. Every time I browse or Interact or Read, I get new tips. I am  happy to share those with you as Smart Samayal Tips:

  • Milk, while being boiled, frequently sticks to the pan. To prevent this, rinse the pan in hot water before using.
  • Place your chopping board over a damp cloth, to prevent it from moving around when you are chopping/slicing.
  • A corner cut from an envelope and pierced at the point makes a good funnel for filling salt and pepper shakers.

  • Keep a small handled-strainer in tool crock next to the stove so that you can quickly cut a lemon or lime in half and squeeze it directly through the strainer into the pot. Much easier than picking out seeds afterwards!
  • Always have a garbage bowl near your work station to save time. 
  • The best peelers must be obviously, sharp, with a big gap between the two blades and a head that swivels easily.
  • Microplane graters are great for taking zest off of citrus fruit. They're also great for grating ginger. They're great for grating garlic. They're great for creating a blanket of grated cheese over your pasta or pizza.
  • To bring out the flavor in  old spices , try heating them in a frying pan first (no oil or other ingredients added).
  • When frying with butter, don’t cook with high heat since butter has a low smoking/burning point.
  • Potato water, when used in making gravies, greatly improves the flavor.
  • To thin a small portion of peanut butter, use orange juice. It makes it spread much easier and adds taste appeal.
  • Gravy thickening, sauces, etc., can be made smooth by using a small jar with a tight lid. Put the mixture of milk or water and flour into the jar and shake well until all lumps disappear.