February 29, 2016

Soft and Spicy Lauki / Bottle gourd Paratha

Lauki/Bottlegourd is a healthy vegetable used to make variety of dishes. Today Iam giving the recipe to make Parathas adding this healthy vegetable. Since it is made with whole wheat flour, spices and grated lauki it tastes delicious with very soft texture...


February 28, 2016

Muzhu Ulunthu & Thinai Adai (Spicy Whole blackgram & Foxtail Millet dosa)

This spicy adai is packed with goodness since  made of mixing variety of lentils with fox tail millet and topped with  Drumstick leaves. Every ingredient added to this food has high nutritional value. This breakfast is very rich in nutrients which are highly essential for growing children. Since this is accompanied by butter(Peanut butter for vegans) and jaggery it also provides needed fat and iron.  An ideal breakfast for young people to start a day with..


February 27, 2016

Broccoli Kati Roll

Broccoli is an all star  vegetable to eat on a regular basis if we want to receive the fantastic health benefits provided by it such as vitamins K and C, folic acid etc.,  Broccoli Kati roll is not only a different way of enjoying this vegetable with routine chapati but also a healthy, stomach filling food that can simply tickle your taste buds. You can have it as any time course like breakfast or dinner or could be carried in the Lunch box too. An ideal food for all age groups....


February 26, 2016

Easy Tiffin Sambar

The sambar served in authentic hotels of Tirunelveli have unique taste and flavour. This sambar is the typical nellai tiffin sambar made in households here without Sambar powder. Tiffin sambar is the most loved side dish by every one. Here is the easy recipe to make tiffin sambar. Float idlis in this sambar and enjoy the taste...



February 24, 2016

Rasa Vadai

Rasa vadai is a mouth watering snack that melts in our mouth with its soft and spongy nature. The tangy flavour of the rasam merges with original taste of the vadai and gives a heavenly taste. The secret of the Rasa vadai lies in its spongy softness. Here is the recipe ...


February 23, 2016

Traditional Rasam Powder Recipe

Though sambhar powder could also be used to make rasam,  this authentic rasam powder helps to make perfect traditional rasam and with this powder we can make a number of varieites of rasam with some alterations in the method of making. Rasam is the traditional soup made with tamarind juice as the base and pepper, cumin seeds, coriander seeds spices. Rasam gives a soothing feeling and warmth to the throat, acts as an appetizer, enhances digestion and above all tastes very yummy...


February 22, 2016

Morkuzhambu with Redchillies

Morkuzhambu or Buttermilk kuzhambu is the authentic kuzhambu variety of Tamil brahmin families. It is done in different ways in different districts of Tamilnadu. Each type has its own unique taste and flavour. My mother in law follows Kanyakumari style of cooking which has more of Kerala resemblance. She always prefers making this type of Morekuzhambu which is very simple and tasty. It tastes very well not only with rice but also as side dish for dosa, Sevai, Idiyappam,adai and upma varieties.


February 21, 2016

Paneer Burfi

An easy, rich, scrumptious, tempting and delicious sweet for diwali. The paneer burfi melts in your mouth with its soft texture. I didn't use condensed milk for this recipe. I made the milk to condense itself by boiling it for a longer time and then made it to get yummy and delectable taste. Anybody can make this sweet since it involves very simple procedure and can be done quickly...


February 20, 2016

Leftover Veggies Fry

This recipe gives different taste every time you make it based on the combination of vegetables you use. This curry can be used as side dish for multiple items. Read the recipe to know the various ways in which this could be used. The fresh home made spice powder gives awesome taste to this side dish. Often our refrigerator has very small quantity of different veggies left over in the vegetable tray. We end up in confusion how to get them finished off before going in for buying next lot of veggies. Here is the interesting way to make use of them...


February 19, 2016

Cream of Tomato Soup

I can say this as my signature recipe since my son and hubby are the fan of my tomato soup. I use home-made cream to make this richer and tasty. Here is the simple recipe for the home made restaurant style cream of Tomato soup...


February 17, 2016

Ginger Flavoured Cabbage and Peas Curry

A simple, delicious and different side dish to relish with rice, rotis and phulkas. When you get bored of tasting cabbage in the usual way try this stir fry that tastes really different and gives wonderful feel...


February 15, 2016

Chettinad Style Mushroom Biryani

An aromatic, spicy and flavourful Briyani with loads of spices. A simple raitha is enough to relish this wonderful briyani rice.An ideal recipe for those who crave for Spicy South Indian Food. The perfect blending of spices and masalas make this Biryani to taste great...


February 14, 2016

Puffed Rice Vegetable Upma - The quickest breakfast

Puffed rice is made of both Paddy and Beaten rice (Poha). Both are easily digestible, very light and rich in essential fatty acids and dietary minerals, very low in cholesterol!! Variety of dishes can be made with this wonderful traditional ingredient. Try this healthy breakfast that can be made very easily and quickly which fills your stomach yet makes you to feel light....


February 13, 2016

Spicy Fibrous Chutney / Dip

This chutney tastes simply heavenly to have with rotis, dosas and idlis. An ideal condiment to use as the spreads on breads too. When you make this as the side dish for breakfast, you need not think of making another vegetable for Lunch. It can be had with curd rice or even with plain rice. Another way to taste the fibrous pumpkin which is very good for health....


February 11, 2016

The Simplest Green Peas Pulao

A simple recipe of home made Peas Pulao. The fried onions, garlic, ginger and spices mix up and give out an exotic taste and awesome aroma. This is indeed the simplest rice pulao that can be made dazzling with any Paneer gravy  as side dish...


February 10, 2016

Easy to make Delicious Paal Payasam

Paal Payasam / Milk Pudding is the Classic dessert of Kerala and Tamilnadu. The mesmerizing taste and flavour of this paal payasam makes it a unique dessert.  Traditionally it is made by boiling milk for a long time till it becomes creamy, thick and layered. It is a time consuming procedure. So, Now a days we make this using pressure cooker that gives the same taste and quality with simple steps..


February 09, 2016

Nellikkai Pachadi / Amla Raita (Creamy Gooseberry Dip)

A simple, tasty and healthy recipe which is served as the side dish and accompaniment with  main course of the Indian Food. A vitamin C rich  condiment with ginger flavour , that  has a cooling effect to contrast with spicy curries and kebabs. Suits well as a side dish to rotis, phulkas and any Rice variety...


February 07, 2016

Hot and Spicy Kadai Mushroom Masala

Kadai Mushroom Masala gives a burst of deep , rich flavours. This is a real treat for the spice lovers. A versatile side dish for any Indian bread and Hot steaming rice. The Mushrooms tossed and bathed in fresh spices and gravy makes the dish an exotic one.....


February 05, 2016

Sesame Nutty Balls

A healthy and quick snack that can be made with very less ingredients in hand. A super tasty recipe to serve not only your kids as snack but also to everybody since it is an excellent source of calcium and anti oxidant. It is is gluten free, vegan and loaded with minerals.....


February 04, 2016

Paruppu Vadai (Aamai Vadai) Mixed Lentil Fritters

Pauppu  Vadai is the most traditional fritter type made using 3 types of dals . It is a festive season recipe. Generous amount of finely chopped ginger, green chillies and curry leaves are added to the batter to make it more flavourful. This Vadai looks and tastes crispy out side and soft inside. Every bite of the Vadai gives wonderful taste.


February 03, 2016

Tri Colour Capsicum Masala Gravy

A different, delicately spicy  and palatable Capsicum gravy with the fusion of North and South Indian style. The roasted sesame seeds, coconut and peanuts with other spices make it a delightful side dish to tickle your taste buds. A two in one side dish that serves as best companion for Rice, Rotis and Phulkas...


February 02, 2016

Thengai Kothamalli Chutney (Coconut Coriander Chutney)

A very tasty and flavoured chutney / dip  that goes extremey well with Idli, Dosa, Pongal and Upma varieties. Here is the recipe of the Coconut Kothamalli Chutney as served in restaurants...


February 01, 2016

Herbal Rasam

South Indians feel the meal as incomplete without Rasam. It is a traditional soup or appetizer we can say. It is a tamarind base soup made with traditional spices like pepper, cumin, garlic etc., There are numerous varieties of Rasam in the cuisine of South India and today I am presenting the herbal Rasam. We make this twice a month and this really makes you fresh and rejuvenating....