October 22, 2016

Dry Jamuns with Instant Jamun Mix


The most favourite dessert and the sumptuous sweet of my family is Gulab Jamun which is also an easy to make dessert. The best companion to have ice creams is with  this dry Jamuns. When it is made by garnishing or stuffing with dry fruits and cardamom  the flavour and taste of this dessert simply turns out to be divine. With the help of few ingredients you can make this Diwali very grand and festive with this fascinating and tempting sweet....

October 21, 2016

Must try Burfis for Diwali


Sharing Happiness, Joy and sweets with our dears and nears is the important aspect of any festival isn't it? Here is the recipe for the delicious Burfis which are easy to make for Diwali..

October 20, 2016

Crispy Diamond Chips (Thukkada)


Thukkada is a very easy to make savoury and can be made in large quantity easily. The crispy diamond chips adds one more variety to the Diwali snacks and also it is very tasty to have as snack with coffee or tea. We also some times have this as side dish for Sambhar rice. I usually make it by adding ginger, green chilly paste to it. It gives a very good flavour and is  easily digestible...

October 19, 2016

Vangara Dosai


Vangara dosai is the Prasadham  offered in   Azhwar Thirunagari Perumal Temple. Azhwarthirunagari is one of the Nine Perumal shrines (Nava Tirupati) located in Tirunelveli-Tirunchendur route. This is a spicy dosa made with ginger, pepper and jeera and coated with ghee and jaggery syrup. Last month I was invited as the judge for a cookery contest and out of the seventy fives items displayed, this dosa was the centre of attraction and very new to me. The taste was very different and immediately I got the recipe from the contestant too. Just one dosa is enough to fill your tummy...