October 13, 2014

Tip #64: Six Delicious Microwave Diwali Sweets

Do you feel that you don't have time to make sweets for Diwali because of your hectic schedule? Don't feel for it. Here are some simple sweets from Smart Samayal Tips which you can do easily in no time for Diwali and make your family members happy.



Grease a big and deep microwave safe bowl. Add a can of condensed milk and a small cup of fresh curd. Mix them both well. Keep in microwave high for 8 to 10 minutes. But don't forget to give a stir every minute. When you take it out it will be semi solid and sets down to right consistency after it cools down. Garnish with nuts and serve.


2. Carrot Halwa

Choose soft carrots and grate them In a deep microwave bowl microwave 2 cups of grated carrot for 3 minutes. Give a pause for 5 minutes. Then add  1 cup of whole milk, Sugar 8 table spoons, cardamon powder and mix well. If you want it to be further richer add 2 table spoons of plain Khoya. Microwave them for another 8 minutes. Stir them in between every two minutes. Take it out and stir well. Again keep for 3 minutes. Now garnish as you like.

3.  Corn Halwa


Take Corn flour, Sugar and Water in the ratio 1:3:4 respectively. Mix them well without any lumps. Add a pinch of desired food colour and cardamom powder. Microwave in high for 6 minutes. After 4 minutes stir once . Again microwave for 6 minutes, stirring in between after every 2 minutes of interval. Transfer it to a greased plate and wait for 30 minutes to set down. Make pieces after garnishing with roasted nuts.


4. Puffed Rice balls


Take 3 cups of puffed rice. Microwave them for 1 minute in high and keep aside. With 1 tspoon of ghee add 1 cup of powdered jagerry and microwave in high for 2 minutes. Transfer it to the bowl that has puffed rice. Mix them well with a wooden spoon. Grease your hands and make balls.

5. Besan Laddu

Take 1 cup of Besan flour. Add 1/2 cup of ghee to it and mix well with hand. Microwave in high for 3 minutes stirring inbetween at one minute interval. Take it out and mix well. Again microwave in medium for another 3 minutes at one minute interval. After taking it out add powdered sugar 3/4 cup, cardamom powder and mix well with hand roll them into balls. 


6. DoodhPeda 


Take equal quantity of Condensed milk and milk powder and mix well. Microwave it for one minute in high. Take it out and mix. Again microwave for one more minute. Allow it cool for 10 minutes and see whether you could roll it. If not microwave for another 30 or 45 seconds. Add cardamon powder or saffron and make pedas. It can be refrigerated and used for 4 days.



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