November 28, 2014

Healthy Crunchy Oats Snack Bar

This crunchy, delicious healthy snack bar is  ideal for all age 

groups. A single bar  with the morning breakfast gives you the 

energy needed for the day and makes your food a Nutritious  One!!!


Oats: 2 cups

Dates : 20 (Preferably juicy)

Black dry raisins: 50 gms

Almonds: 50 gms

Fig fruits: 15 to 20 (Cut them to pieces and keep aside)

Roasted ground nuts : 50gms (Can be avoided for elders)

Honey: 2 tb spoons


Roast the oats in a dry pan till the colour changes and nice aroma comes. Allow it to cool. 

Take all ingredients except oats and honey in the mixer jar or blender and powder them coarsely. 

Then add the oats and give a whip. Then finally add the honey and grind for few seconds. 

They all will bind together. Transfer the mixture into a ghee or butter greased plate and make it flat with a chapatti roller.

If you find the mixer to be little loose then refrigerate it for 30 minutes and cut them in to pieces. 

If already the mixture is hard directly pieces can be made. 

Store them in a air tight container and keep it in the fridge.