December 31, 2014

Tip #16: Amazing Tips for a Fabulous Cooking

Irrespective of our experience in kitchen some times we fail to know  Smart Samayal Tips which can make our cooking Faster, Tastier &Healthier. Here are some tips which I collected from different sources and follow in daily cooking:



Use a separate tea filter to wash herbs like Sesame, Oregano(Ajwain,Omam) etc. You place them in the filter and show it in running tap water to remove the dust. The water will also drain easily.


It is easy to peel off the the skin of ginger with a spoon than a knife.


Have a separate Scissor in Kitchen to cut coriander leaves and curry leaves. Use the scissor and chop the green chillies, to be free from getting burning sensation in your hands.



Life span of green vegetables, herbs and greens can be extended by wrapping them in damp paper towel and putting in Zip lock covers.



A dash of Vinegar or few drops of lemon juice adds more colour, freshness and flavour to a soup or Gravy.









Buy thick brown or white paper bags with punch holes and use them to store onions, garlics and shallots. They workout for more than a month. Use paper clips and close them. You can fold the bag and make punch holes in an ordinary paper bag!!!












Sealing the Lemons in plastic bags and refrigerating keeps them fresh even for 3 weeks.



We use baking soda rarely and hence have mostly old stock at home. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a cup of hot water. If it doesn't bubble out, its time to throw it away.











If you have excess of buttermilk, pour the excess in the icecube trays and freeze for future weeks. This will keep the buttermilk fresh for two more weeks and prevents it from becoming more sour.











Have a fresh unused tooth brush in kitchen to wash and brush small items like caps of water bottles, vegetable grater etc., Many kids's water bottle caps look awful, with dirts settled. Atleast once in a week wash them with the brush and give a neat bottle to your kids.


Use the water from geyser to wash the Tupperware tiffin boxes twice in a month to make them odour free. Wash the vegetables like carrots in Geyser water and make them clean before using for salads.