January 13, 2015

Sarkkarai Pongal (Sweet Pongal)

A traditional and flavorful sweet of Tamilnadu made every year during the harvest festival called 'Pongal' with newly harvested rice and fresh jagerry. It is offered to Sun God as a Tribute to him.Here is the simple recipe for making the delicious Sweet Pongal recipe....

Ingredients for making Sarkkarai Pongal:

Raw rice 3 cups

Moong dal   1cup

Jaggery Powder 4 cups (tightly packed)

Milk 3 cups and Water 9 cups

Ghee 5tb spoons


Cardamom Powder 1/2 tea spoon

Method for making Sarkkarai Pongal: 











In a kadai dry roast the Moong dal till the colour slightly changes and nice aroma comes. Transfer it to a vessel.

Then dry roast the rice till it gets warm .


















Wash the rice and moong dhal together and add milk and water to them.


Pressure cook them up to 4 whistles. After the steam is released mash them with a ladle well and keep aside.









Mean while add a cup of water to the jaggery and boil it. Filter the residue and take the boiled syrup. Wait till the jagerry boils well but Don't wait for any consistency.

Now add the jaggery to the pressure cooker which has the boiled and mashed stuff and keep stirring in mediumflame.

Add ghee then and there.

When the Pongal thickens comes together switch off the stove. 











Roast the cashews in ghee and add to the Sweet with the cardamom powder. Add half a pinch of roasted nutmeg powder for exotic flavour...