March 09, 2015

Jack Fruit Delight

Sweets from jack fruit

Jack fruit's distinct aroma and its unique sweetness always 

mesmerize us. This authentic festive dessert made of Jack fruit 

makes your cuisine very rich and special…


Chopped jackfruit pieces – 1 cup

Jaggery – 2 cups

Cashewnuts – 5
Badam(Almonds) – 5
Grated coconut 1 tb spoon
Finely chopped coconut pieces 2 tea spoons

Milk – 3 cups




Soak Almonds (Badam)  in hot water, peel off the skin . Grind the grated coconut, cashews and Badam together with some milk into paste and keep aside.

In a heavy bottomed pan boil the jackfruit pieces with 3 cups of water. Allow it to boil atleast for 20 minutes in medium flame. 


In another pan dissolve the jaggery in a cup of hot water and filter it to remove the residues. Transfer the jaggery syrup to the boiling jackfruit. 


After it boils well , dissolve the paste in 3 cups of milk and add to the boiling stuff. When everything mixes well and thickens switch off the stove.


In 2 tea spoons of ghee, fry the chopped coconut pieces to golden colour and add to the pudding. Refrigerate it before serving.