May 14, 2016

Bisibelahbath (Bhojana's Authentic)


Bisibelahbath is the iconic recipe of Karnataka with blissful flavour. It has unique aroma & taste with special spices different from Sambar rice.  The pulpy, spicy, hot  rice with the flavour of shallots and ghee is the most preferred dish for potluck,  marriage receptions and get together. It is made with the combination of rice and lentils. Garnished with crunchy Kaara boondhi  it is served with raitha in Bangalore restaurants. 

Ingredients for making Bisibelabath:

Raw Rice 2 cups

Thur dhal 1 cup 

Tamarind juice 2 cups

Veggies like shallots(Baby Onions) , carrot, capsicum beans, drum stick etc., 

Except shallots other veggies are optional.






For Bisibelahbath Powder:


1. In a kadai fry 3 tea spoons uradh dhal ,4 cloves and 2 thin cinnamon sticks of an inch size  with out oil till uradh dal becomes golden brown,powder finely and keep aside. This is the special flavour for Karnataka Bisibelabath.


2. Then heat 3 tea spoons of oil and fry 3 table spoons of coriander seeds, 1 and 1/2 table spoon of channa dhal, 6 red chillies and 1/4 tea spoon cumin seeds and powder adding 1 table spoon of dried coconut (Koparai Thengai) . Using dried coconut is optional. But it gives special flavour. 

3. Mix both the powders well and keep aside.


Method for making Bisibelabath:


Wash the rice and Thur dhal together and pressure cook it with needed salt  in a cooker with 1:4 cups of water up to 5 whistles. 










Meanwhile in a pan heat 2 table spoons of gingelly/ sesame oil and fry shallots and other vegetables. Add tamarind juice, turmeric powder and salt. Allow them to boil till the vegetables are cooked. Add the two powders and mix well. 










Then transfer them to the cooker that has boiled rice and lentils  and mix well. Again keep it in stove up to 2 whistles. Add ghee and garnish with  Kara Boondhi , curry leaves and coriander leaves , serve with any Raitha.



Bisibelahbath powder can be made in advance and refrigerated to make the work easier

Shallots are must for making Bisibelabath.

Rice and Lentils should be in the ratio of 2:1

Rice and Water 1:4

Salt must be added carefully twice. Half with the rice and half with the tamarind juice.


  1. DRUM STICK should not be added to Bisibele Bath under any circumstances. Only carrot, beans, spring onion, capsicum,little potato cubes(optional), broad beans (avaraikkai)- vegetables should be used.Serving with liberal ghee topping will add its flavour!