February 01, 2017

How to prepare Soft, Fluffy, and Spongy Cake?

Who doesn’t love to have a bite of cake? On any kind of occasion, we celebrate with a cake and if you know the right ways of baking a cake, you don’t have to rely on services like online cakes in Bangalore or Delhi or Mumbai. It is always great to bake the cake for treating people because it is sort of a de-stressing agent. Finally, when the aroma of cakes fill in your home, you feel victorious. Here are some valuable tips on how to gain the fluffy, spongy, and softer cakes..

A proper recipe: 

Without this recipe thing, you cannot move forward in this field. And for that you have to search for the best recipe. Consider the recipe books of famous cake artists or bakers. A banana cake may have ten recipes by ten chefs but you have to stick to only one of them to remain focused. Select any recipe and stick that in your kitchen wall so that you don’t miss anything.

Type of cake: 

You must know the difference between a vanilla cake, red velvet cake, and a carrot cakes. Always remember that those cakes which has more liquid content, are generally the moist ones. So, make your intention clear of moist and dry cakes. A French vanilla sponge cake would be very fluffy while simple vanilla is not so fluffy.

Selection of flour: 

Use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour as this has already some corn starch mixed in it. Your cake would be softer and lighter if baked with a cake flour rather than all-purpose flour.

Egg yolks: 

To get that extra fluffiness, especially in case of plain vanilla cake, you need to separate the egg whites from yolks. Prepare the batter with egg yolks and use the egg whites after you have mixed the batter.

Butter or Margarine:

See you have to forget those health tips of butter and margarine when you want a dreamy cake in front of you. Butter adds the needed moisture and richness to your cake instead of margarine. Margarine or vegetable oils have some content of water in them and that evaporates in the baking process rendering some dryness.


So you have to concentrate a lot in baking a perfect cake. And till you want the easiest way, many e-gift shops would give you the midnight cake delivery in Bangalore, you can sue them efficiently.

---- Guest Post by Trishana Kashyap and she says, 

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