February 24, 2015

Vazhaikkai Podi Curry (Spicy Raw Banana Curry)

Vazhaikkai Podi Curry is made with freshly roasted spices and it serves as the tasty accompaniment for rice. This is the traditional way of making Vazhaikkai in Tamil Brahmin families...

Recipe for making Vazhaikkai Podi Curry:


  1. Heat a pan and dry roast 3 tb spoons of coriander seeds, 2 tb spoons of chana dal and 6 red chillies till the dal becomes brown. After it gets powder it coarsely and keep aside.

  2. Cut four  raw bananas into rounds of 1/4 inches thickness.

  3. Boil them in generous amount of water with salt,  and turmeric powder till the pieces get cooked.

  4. Drain the water and keep the pieces aside.

  5. Heat a pan with 4 tb spoons of oil  and saute it with mustard seeds and urad dal. Once they get spluttered add half tea spoon hing powder and curry leaves.

  6. Now add the boiled Raw banana pieces and fry gently for some time till they get roasted.

  7. If needed add some more salt.

  8. Now add the ground spice powder and stir well.

  9. Let them get roasted in low flame for 5 more minutes.Before switching off the stove just add a teaspoon of coconut oil to get exotic flavour.

  10. The hot and spicy curry is ready now.