September 26, 2014

Raw banana Stir Fry (Vaazhaikkai Podimas)

This non onion and non garlic curry is a traditional one specially made on Virat days and served even in marriage feasts. This delicious curry is made with less oil and hence good for health. Since banana is rich in fiber the ginger is added to make the digestion easier....

Ingredients for making Raw Banana Stir Fry (Vaazhaikkai Podimas):

Raw bananas - 4

Chopped Ginger, Green chilly and Grated Coconut

Green Chillies finely chopped from 4 chillies

Finely chopped Ginger - 2 table spoons

Fresh grated Coconut - 4 table spoons

Coconut oil - 2 table spoons

Mustard seeds, urad dhal, Hing and curry leaves for seasoning.

How to make Raw Banana Stir Fry (Vaazhaikkai Podimas):

Boiled Raw banana ready for peeling

Remove the stem and cut the bananas in to two horizontally. Either steam cook them or boil them in a pot of water till the total skin changes its colour to dark brown colour.





Drain the water and allow them to cool. Remove the skin and rub it on a grater to get small shreds of Bananas.


Grated Raw Banana

Heat the pan with oil and saute it with the items given for seasoning. After they get splutter add the ginger pieces, green chillies and salt and stir well. Add the banana shreds. Mix gently.





Let it to blend well with the chilli and ginger flavor by keeping the stove in low flame for 10 minutes.

Finally add the grated coconut and make it ready to serve. By just squeezing half tea spoon of lemon juice add a punch to this dish.