August 28, 2014

Tip #23: How to Preserve the Home made Pickles for Longer Days?

Home made Pickles are always very tasty and gives an exotic flavor to the food as side dish. The fresh and aromatic home made pickles are unbeatable in taste. But many says that the pickle gets spoiled too early when made at home and hence they buy from shops. These Smart Samayal Tips help you to extend the life of Home made Pickles and Bhojana gives you a sample pickle recipe here..

  • The measurement of salt must be correct and for mango and lemon pickles the salt measurement is 6:1. That is if the mango pieces measure 6 cups, the salt should be 1 cup.

  • Always use crystal salt and not table salt.

  • Heat a kadai and fry the crystal salt in medium flame for 5 minutes. After it becomes cold, powder it manually and use. Don't use any electrical appliance since it will make the salt hot.

  • To store the pickle don't use recycled plastics. Always use thick glass bottles or China clay vessels.

  • Don't ever store in a warm spot near the stove.

  •  If you have made it in huge quantity, once in a month take it out mix it well with a wooden spoon and keep under the sunlight for 2 hours.

  • Mustard seeds and Fenygreek are the natural preservatives. For any type of pickle dry roast a teaspoon of fenugreek to brown , powder it and add finally which also gives a fantastic aroma.

  • It is always good to use red chilli powder bought from stores than powdering the redchillies at home. Because the the seeds of the chilli if not powdered fully will generate worms in pickles.

  • Wash the jar well with hot water, wipe it and keep in sunlight for a while before storing.

  • In those days in my house we never take the pickle pots out of the store room during nights. My grandma used to say that during day time take out the required quantity of pickle needed for a week in a small jar and keep in the kitchen!!! Though funny I still follow that.


Fresh Crunchy Mango Pickle (Milagai Maangai):

  • Wash and wipe One medium sized  raw mango with a dry cloth. 
  • Cut it into small pieces and measure with a cup. Add 1/6 of its quantity salt, 2 tea spoons of red chilli powder and mix well with a wooden spoon. 

  • Sprinkle the fenugreek powder on the top.

  •  Heat a wok with 4 table spoons of Sesame oil and when it starts to give out smoke add hing and pour it on the pickle topped with fenugreek powder. Mix well and use it. 

  • This pickle tastes very good when it is crunchy. So keep it in the refrigerator as soon as the pickle is ready and gets cooled.