August 15, 2014

Tip #10: Secret Formula to make Delightful Dosas

How to make tasty dosas?

Dosa is of course the all time favourite of most of us and no wonder that it has been listed as one among the top 50 most popular foods of the world!! Here are some Smart Samayal Tips to make Delicious, Crispy, Soft, Spongy and Browny Dosas for different occasions. By doing some alterations in the ingredients you can have different varieties of Dosas…

  • The usual proportion for making regular Dosas is 4:1 (Parboiled rice and Urad dhal) which we also use to make Idlis.Here we grind the rice and Urad dhal separately and mix them well. But when you grind the batter exclusively for making Dosa you can soak them together and grind. In this case the proportion is 4: 1 ½.

  • We usually wait the  Dosa batter to ferment atleast for 8 hours and make Dosas. But as soon as grinding the batter add some curd and make dosas to enjoy a unique flavored Dosa.

  •   For making thin and crispy Dosas add 2 table spoons of Raw rice along with the  Parboiled rice while soaking.


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  • Four 4 cups of rice add 1 tb spoon of fenugreek and soak along with rice to get fantastic aromatic and Golden brown dosas.

  • When you want to make dosas to be carried away for travel or lunch box add Urad dhal 2 table spoons extra to get soft and Spongy Dosas. We get spongy dosas by adding a cup of poha with parboiled rice.

  • Mix just a table spoon of  Besan flour and two teaspoons of sugar in water and add the paste to the regular Dosa batter and make dosas to get Hotel flavoured Dosas.

  • When you have limited stock of the batter and have unexpected guests add some all purpose flour, Sooji and Besan flour and make it to a thin batter to make crispy netted dosa.

  • If the pan pan is overheated you cannot make dosa perfect. So after making each dosa sprinkle little water on the tawa to regularise the heat of the pan(Tawa)

  • Always use separate pans (Tawa) for Dosa and Rotis. 


  • Grinding batter in wet grinder gives good result. If you are doing it by mixie use cold (ice) water for grinding. This prevents the batter from becoming hot which affects the taste of the dosa.


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