September 03, 2014

Tip #29: Creative Tips to use Ice Cube Trays!!!

Most of us take out the Ice Cube Trays only during summer and after summer is over we totally forget about it. Ice cube trays are not just for ice. These Ice cube Trays can be used for different Creative Purposes and Today's  Smart Samayal Tips from Bhojana is about this...

Freeze lemon juice to make light flavoured fruit juice whenever needed.

Make Coffee ice cubes (Black Coffee) for your favorite Iced coffee.

Pour and freeze chocolate milk into cubes and serve plain cold milk with floating chocolate milk cubes to your kids.

Freeze home made Tomato sauce into cubes to have longer life.
Mix cocoa powder or chocolate powder and sugar powder to peanut butter and make peanut chocolate butter cups to give a healthy piece to your family members.(not more than a piece a day)
Freeze butter milk for future use.

Make yummy and easy bites by adding melted white chocolate with roasted peanuts, raisins and almonds together and freezing. Kick start your kid's birthday party with this.

Store your vegetable stock in trays and freeze for weekend stew and soups.


Got leftover Watermelon? freeze watermelon puree and add the cubes to lemonade. Colourful and delicious!


It is a Gorgeous way to freeze the puree of  a seasonal fruits and add to sparkling water. Gorgeous way to add seasonal fruits such as summer berries to sparkling water.


Freeze lemon pieces and vinegar into cubes. Toss a few in your garbage disposal to freshen things up!


  1. Wow nice snack! What ideas would you come up with using our 2 1/2 inch ice sphere maker here, . Let us know what you think of this and if some ideas come to mind after you see this, thanks Russ