October 19, 2014

Tip #68: Things to be made ready before making Diwali snacks

We spend time and money in making Diwali snacks. Festivals are joy, Festivals are fun.... Festivals are the occasions to join together, Share and enjoy. Eatables are dispensable part of our festivals. Little negligence and over confidence sometimes make our hard work in vain. Little concentration, planning and smart work will bring success in everything. Here are some Smart Samayal Tips to follow before start doing the snacks for Diwali:

1. Be clear about the quantity of snacks you need.

2. Always sieve the flour after grinding for any type of snacks. It is safe to use sieved flour.

3. Make your containers for storing the snacks ready. Wash them well neatly with soap and dry them out and keep ready early.

4. Always buy good quality of oil for frying. The sweets come out well if you use good quality of ghee.

5. Plan in advance what sweets and snacks you are going to make and make a list of ingredients to be bought and buy them atleat a week before. This will avoid running to the shop at the time of making the snacks.

6. If you are trying any new recipes, first do them in the very minimum quantity and if it comes out well, then go for it.

7. Do atleast any one savory and sweet in large quantity which will help you to distribute to your friends.

8. Start doing the long lasted snacks in the beginning and end up with short life sweets.

9. After frying one item, filter the oil and use it for the next item to avoid the resides settling on the snacks.

10. When doing the snacks, keep a small quantity of everything in small boxes for your family members and store the rest for Diwali in big boxes. Avoid putting hands directly into the sweet. Always use dry spoons.

11. Apart from all be careful while standing near the stove and working.Always stand few steps away from oil while frying. Drop the items into the oil Safely and gently to avoid hot oil spilling out.


12. Get small paper bags and boxes ready to give snacks and sweets to your dear ones!

Enjoy Cooking!!!!!