November 04, 2014

Traditional Sesame Oil

Gingelly Oil or Sesame Oil is the inseparable item of Tamilnadu's traditional Cooking. It gives special taste, aroma and flavour to the food. After making sambar or vathakuzhambu adding sesame oil 2 teaspoons to it enriches the taste.

Instead of ghee for some items like Paruppu podi (Dal fry Powder), Pepper curry, Vathakuzhambu etc., we add  Sesame oil to hot rice and mix it with the kuzhambu or dal powder. It gives a heavenly Taste.

Who can say no to Hot idlis with Gun powder and sesame oil? Could we resist ourselves from eating the tangy Puliyodarai which gets its special taste because of Sesame oil? 

The sesame oil that we get from the Mills where it is handmade directly and is cold pressed tastes delicious with fine aroma. It is easily available in villages and towns. But I am not sure about in cities. Recently i came across the Advt. of Angammal Agro Foods in  Facebook and read about their Aadimaa Sesame oil. I bought it through Online and used it. It took be back to my childhood days memory. The aroma, taste and Flavour are very traditional and fine. Becuase it tasted just like the one which we used have in my grandma's village nearly 35 years ago. I just want to share my feelings that i experienced and hence sharing this with you all.