January 30, 2015

Marina Beach Hot and Sour Sweet Corn

Visit to Marina beach becomes incomplete if you don't munch the hot grilled corn smeared with lemon juice. Here is the simple way to make this lovely and healthy snack for your kids at home...












  • Remove the corn husks and make the number of corn you need ready.

  • Switch on the stove and hold the corn in your hand. Hold the stem part of the corn and place it directly on the stove. Keep it turning around. 

  • Slowly heat and cook the whole corn. After confirming that the whole corn is grilled keep the corns in the microwave oven for 3 to 5 minutes in microwave mode. I tried this accidentally and it made the corn more soft inside and thus my 80years old mother in law had it easily. (If you don't have microwave oven, leave it. Heat the corn on the stove for some more time)

  • Take some salt and chilli powder in a cup and mix well. Keep half lemon on the powder and rub it on the corn squeezing the juice slightly on it. 

  • The hot and spicy corn welcomes you to munch it now....


  1. I visited marina beach many times but i did not eat hot grilled corn smeared with lemon juice. You have given recipes how to make it. Thanks for sharing this and i will make it for my family.