January 03, 2015

Uppma Kozhukattai / Piddi Kozhukattai


Upma kozhukattai is a traditional, simple and easily digestible Tiffin and a favourite of all age groups. Coconut chutney or Brinjal Gothsu or Tangy Chickpea gravy serves a great combo for this..!!


Raw rice rawa (Fine rice powder granuels) 2 cups

Water 4 cups

Grated coconut 1 ladle (Optional)

Oil 3 table spoon for tempering


For tempering:

Mustard seeds, Bengal gram, black gram, Green and red chillies 3 each and Hing 1 teaspoon


In a mixer grinder dry powder the raw rice like rava that is to a coarse powder.

Heat the pan with oil and add the tempering items one by one. 
After they splutter pour 4 cups of water and salt. Then add the grated coconut.

Add rava, mix well and close the pan with a lid and keep the stove in low flame. 

After 15 or 20 minutes open the lid and stir well. 

Now the uppma is ready. Transfer it to a broad plate or vessel. 

Make it in to desired size balls and steam it like idlis in the rice cooker or idli cooker for 20 minutes.