February 03, 2015

Tip #75: STOP ASKING.."Why Healthy foods are not Tastier?"

Preparing food that tastes delicious and is good for health is not a magic trick.A simple planning and preparation tips will help you to produce healthy, delicious food that your family will love. Hope these Smart Samayal Tips will help you for that...


1. Take a few minutes each week to plan your menu.

You know very well the events that fall on the coming week like parent meeting or any club activity. So plan simple and easy food for those days with simple menu.

2. Make a pleasure visit to Grocery store with a list

A grocery list will ensure that you bring home everything you need to prepare the tasty and nutritious meals you planned—and help you to not load up on unneeded items, whether its chips or an extra bottle of ketchup. This simple trick list will usually save you money by helping you to avoid impulse buys and ensure that you have everything your family needs on hand.

3. Choose seasonal produce and pick the brightest colours that you can.

Buying fruits and vegetables in season lets you enjoy peak flavour at modest cost. Buy green peas in winter, mangoes in summer and apples in the fall. When the vegetables are at the peak rates go for sprouts. In general, the darker the colour, the higher the nutrients (think bright red peppers, or dark green broccoli).

4. Equip your kitchen for low fat food preparation.

This doesn't need to be expensive and you can gather the pieces one at a time. A steamer for vegetables helps retain their flavour and nutrients without added fat. Non-stick cookware lets you to brown or saute without added fats or oils.

5. Use cooking methods that do not add extra fat to the dish.

Steamed vegetables are especially flavourful when herbs are added to the steaming liquid. The microwave allows you to prepare food quickly without added fat. Barbecuing is another lower calorie cooking method.

6. Reduce or eliminate high fat ingredients from your favourite recipes.

Using a non-stick pan means that you can sauté without added fat. Add Tofu and Brown rice instead of Cheese and white rice whenever possible. Substitute skimmed milk in the place of whole milk. Practise consuming fruit juices and beverages with half sugar.

7. Learn to use spices and herbs to kick up the flavour.

Cardamom, Saffron, Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg will add a new taste to traditional dishes. Many cookbooks offer advice on using spices and herbs and many recipes on the internet will introduce new tastes.

8. Try to eat only fruits for  dinner atleast once in a week

At least once in a week try to eat a bowl of mixed fruits and a cup of skimmed milk for dinner that makes you to feel light and energetic.

9. To keep control of your portions, think of the “space on your plate.”

A well balanced plate will consist of ¼ protein , ¼ starch  and ½ vegetables. Add milk to drink and fresh fruit for dessert and you are well nourished at a moderate calorie expense.

10. Double check your serving size.

Choose a small plate for parties and dining out since even a small serving gives you a worth feeling.

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