April 10, 2015

Rice and Onion Crispies (Arisi Vengaya Vadam)

Every year during  summer we make varieties of crisps and store them ready for the whole year. These Rice crisps made with shallots is the traditional one in South India. The small bite sized  onions when fried in oil give exotic taste and flavour. When you have this, there is no need for searching for any other side dish for rice. It can also be served as evening snack....

Ingredients for making Rice and Onion Crispies:

Raw rice 4 cups

Sago (Javarisi) 1 cup

Shallots 25

Green chillies 10

Salt to taste


How to make Rice and Onion Crispies?

For any type of Vadam use the New Raw rice which we use for making snacks and dont use the variety of raw rice which we use for making rice. The old raw rice is good only for making rice.


Soak the rice in water after washing for 3 hours. Grind it in a wet grinder or mixie jar with water to fine smooth batter.

Allow it to ferment for overnight or 8 hours.










Soak the sago in water overnight.

Peel the skin of shallots and keep them ready in refrigerator.











In the morning take a heavy bottomed vessel or cooker bottom and boil the sago with 5 cups of water. Keep boiling the sago till it becomes very soft and comes to porridge consistency.










Meanwhile grind the chillies with salt to paste and add to the batter and keep aside.










Take the onions in the mixie jar and give a turn for 2 to 3 seconds. keep them aside.











When the sago is boiled well, dilute the rice batter to dosa batter consistency and add to the boiling sago.











Add the crushed shallots too.

Keep the stove in medium flame and keep stirring.

When the batter thickens and start boiling, the colour changes to dull white from bright white.


















Make your palm wet and touch the batter. If it doesnt stick to your palm, it is the right consistency.

Allow it to cool for some time.

Spread a plastic sheet or white cloth in the open area like terrace where you get good sun light.










Take small pinches from the batter and place them on the sheets and let them to dry till the evening.

This vadam should dry in good sunlight atleast for four days. 










From the second day you can transfer them to big plates.

Store them in airtight bottles and when ever you need deep fry in oil and serve.