June 28, 2015

Wheat and Green Gram Dosa (Gothumai & Payaru Dosai)

A slight variation made to the Andhra Special Pesarattu. Since onion, green chillies and ginger are added while grinding they all combine with the gram and give fantastic aroma and taste. You will be wondered to see the crispy, golden colour dosa with the goodness of wheat, green gram and ginger..

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Ingredients for making Wheat and Green gram Dosa:

Preparation time : 15 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
Soaking time: 6 hours
Serves: 4 people for 2 days

Wheat 2 cups
Green Gram 2 cups
Rice 1 cup
Urad dal 1 tb spoon
Baby onions 7 to 10
Green chillies 7
Ginger 2 inch piece
Salt to taste

How to make Wheat and Green gram Dosa?

Wash rice, urad dal and green gram together in a vessel and soak them in water. Wash wheat and soak in water separately in another vessel. Let them get soaked atleast for 6 to 7 hours.

Before grinding, drain the water out and grind the wheat separately.
Then grind rice and grams with salt, onions, ginger and chilles to fine paste.

Mix both the batters well and keep aside for 4 hours for fermentation. Then make dosas like regular dosas.
Or refrigerate them and use whenever necessary.

Take batter in a ladle and spread on the dosa tawa and drizzle oil around it. Once it becomes slightly brown flip it to the other side and cook for few seconds. Tastes delicious with Sambar..


  1. If we grind the soaked whole wheat, does it come out like the texture you got it when you grind it for wheat halwa? I would like to confirm with you, before I start making this dosa

    1. Hi,
      I used samba gothumai for wheat halwa which is very sticky. For dosa i used ordinary gothumai(Wheat) and since it is grinded along with other pulses and rice came out smoothly without any lumps . The texture comes finer than how it came for wheat halwa..

  2. Hi Subashni,

    Thanks for your quick reply and your information. I will try this recipe this weekend. I hope I will be able to get whole wheat here as I am living in Australia. And I would also like to let you know that your sweet potato fry is a complete hit in my workplace. All my aussie colleagues love it. They are asking more recipe from your website and good thing in your blog is, I am able to copy and paste your recipe in the word doc and print it now. Thanks. Keep posting new recipes.