July 09, 2015

Veg & Lentils Spicy Broken Wheat Delight (Gothumai Bisebellah bath)

Loaded with vegetables, flavoured with spices and cooked with lentils this Broken Wheat recipe is a real culinary delight that makes your meal a healthy and nutritious one....

Pre time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 20 mins
Serves: 4

Ingredients for making  Veg & Lentils Spicy Broken Wheat  Delight (Gothumai Bisebellah bath):

Broken Wheat  (Cracked Wheat)  250 gms 
A small lemon size Tamarind
Vegetables like Baby onions, capsicum,carrot, Beans, Drumstick, Butter beans, Potato  1 bowl
Green chilli 1
Thur dal (Pigeon peas) 100 gms
Oil 2 tb spoons
Ghee 1 tb spoon

For Spice Powder:

Dry roast in a pan the following till nice aroma comes and grind to powder:

Corainder seeds 2 tb spoons
Urad dal 2 tea spoons
Chana dal 1 tea spoon
Cumin seed  1/2 tea spoon
Red chillies 6
Clove 4
Cinnamon sticks 1 inch

How to make  Veg & Lentils Spicy Broken Wheat  Delight (Gothumai Bisebellah bath)?

Mix broken wheat and the dal together and measure the quantity. Add 5 times water to it. That is 1:5 ratio.
Pressure cook them up to 4 or 5 whistles.

Meanwhile heat a broad pan with oil and fry all the vegetables for 3 minutes. Then pour the extracted tamarind juice of 4 cups to it with required salt and turmeric powder. 
let them to boil till the vegetables become soft.
Now add the spice powder to it and mix well.
Switch off the stove.
Open the pressure cooker after the steam is released and pour the vegetable stuff in tot he vessel containing boiled wheat and lentil.
Mix well. Checkout for the salt.

Again pressure cook them together for two whistles.
Now the delight is ready. Garnish with ghee and curry leaves and serve with any raitha.