March 01, 2016

Perfect Filter Coffee

Sipping filter coffee every morning is a pleasurable experience which could not be compromised for anything else for most of us. However busy I am in the morning, I never miss spending 10 minutes with coffee and Newspaper. Coffee brewing is a special technique and a perfect coffee kick starts the day with briskness. Here are some tips to make perfect filter coffee...

A good coffee powder matters a lot to make a good coffee.

I use either Coffee day brand powder or Cothas coffee powder which is available in most of the super markets. I mix 10 gms of chicory powder for every 100 gms of pure coffee powder I buy.

If  at all you have the facility to choose coffee seeds and get freshly ground powder ,  mix  90% pure coffee powder of the combination peaberry and plantaion A with  10% chicory.

Mix them well and store them in air tight bottles.

Don't keep more than 250 gms in shelves.

Keep the rest in the refrigerators.

Put 1/4 teaspoon of sugar in the filter and then add  5 to 6 spoons of powder in the coffee filter. (For 4 members)

Don't press or compress the powder tightly.

Gently press them with a spoon.

Boil water and once it is boiled well pour 100 ml of it in to the filter gently.

If it is poured on a particular spot fully, that spot becomes hollow and allows the water to seep or drip inside and you will get only thin decoration at the bottom portion.

So gently pour around the powder.

Once the first thick decoction is collected fully, transfer it to a cup and again pour another 50 ml of boiled water in to it and collect the second decoction too.

Now mix both the decoctions and keep aside.

Boil milk till the foam forms and switch off.

If you are making coffee with already boiled but chill milk donot boil it directly. Boil water in a vessel. Keep a cup of milk inside the boiling water and boil the milk.

Take a cup of milk, add 2 tea spoons of sugar and 3 tea spoons of decoction. (for 200 ml of coffee 2 teaspoons of sugar)

Mix well and enjoy the exotic taste...

If you have guests and want to serve more coffee you can also make third decoction and mix all well. Add a teaspoon full of instant coffee powder to the decoction and get thick and strong decoction in no time.

Never reheat the brewed coffee.