May 03, 2016

Spring Onion Rice

If you get spring onions in market, don't hesitate to buy a bunch. You can make a delicious lunch box recipe with it. If you have left over rice cooked for the lunch then make this tasty rice for dinner with minimum efforts...

Pre time: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins
Serves: 3

Ingredients for making Spring Onion Rice:

Spring Onions washed and chopped finely  1 bowl
Sliced Onions from 1 onion
Finely chopped garlic  2 tea spoons
Slitted green chillies 3
Pepper powder 1/2 tea spoon
Cashews few
Chopped mint leaves and coriander leaves few
Cumin seeds  1 tea spoon
Oil or Ghee 2 tb spoons
Boiled Rice (Cooked Rice)  from 200gms of raw rice
Salt to taste

How to make Spring Onion Rice?

While chopping the spring onions, chop the bulbs separately and keep it with sliced onions.

Heat a pan with oil / ghee.
Put the cumin seeds / jeera in it.
After they splutter fry the onion slices, garlic and green chillies for a while.
Add the mint coriander leaves, pepper powder, cashews and salt and fry till the onions become dull.

Now add the spring onions and fry for 3  minutes.
Add the boiled rice to the pan and stir gently.
Close the pan with a lid and keep the flame to low for 3 minutes and switch off the stove.
Serve with any spicy vegetable stir fry or potato chips.


  1. Wonderful recipe! Thank you, Subhashni. Works perfectly for our lunch boxes.