April 10, 2017

Mangai Thokku (Grated Raw Mango Pickle)

A traditional South Indian Pickle with lip smacking, heavenly taste that needs no preservative. A delicious accompaniment to rice, roti, upma, idli and dosa. Can be had with anything as side dish and a perfect pickle to carry for picnics and travel...

  • Pre time: 15 mins
  • Cooking time: 20 to 30 mins

Ingredients for making Raw Mango Thokku:

  • Grated Raw mango 4 cups (With more sour and tanginess)
  • Red chilli powder 4 tea spoons heaped
  • Hing powder 1 tea spoon, jagerry powder 2 tb spoons
  • Salt 4 tea spoons, Turmeric powder 1/4 tea spoon
  • Sesame (Gingelly) Oil 150 ml
  • Dry roasted Fenugreek powder 1 tea spoon

How to make Raw Mango Thokku?

Peel off the skin of mango and grate it and keep aside.
Dry roast fenugreek to golden brown, powder it and keep aside.

Heat a heavy bottomed pan with oil. Add salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, hing powder to the oil and give a stir.
Add the grated mango to it and stir well.Keep the flame to medium
Allow the stuff to get cooked at least for 20 to 30 minutes stirring then and there.When the stuff thickens and oil separates add the fenugreek powder to it and mix well.
Switch off the stove and allow the stuff to cool down.Store in dry air tight bottle.
Adjust the quantity of chilli powder and salt according to the tanginess of the mango. Jagerry is added to balance the tanginess.