August 06, 2014

Tip #2: Feeling Heavy after having Stuffed Parathas?

Everytime when I make stuffed parathas at home, the next day my family members used to face some digestion problems as we add butter/ghee. And also we feel stuffed parathas is a heavy dish to eat. Right? Many people avoid eating parathas as it has butter/ghee in it and is not easily digestible. Here is my Smart Samayal Tip for that..


Adding Ajwain or Omam to the dough or the stuffing makes it easily digestible. Flavourful yet strongly pungent, ajwain seeds are one of the popular spices commonly feature in Indian and Middle-Eastern cuisine.Ajwain seeds contain health benefiting essential oils such as thymol. The active principles in this will help increase the digestive function of the intestinal tract by facilitating release of gut juices .Ajwain seeds are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. With these properties ajwain helps in easy digestion of heavy food items.

Other Culinary uses of Ajwain/Caraway seeds/Omam:

1. The seeds used generously as condiment in snacks, spicy biscuits, cookies, to flavour drinks, soups, sauces.

2. A healthy kuzhambu can also be made from ajwain which can be given to ladies post delivery(recipe will be posted soon)

3. It can also be added to kid's  rice porridge mix.

Need an Illustration? Check our Broccolli Paneer Stuffed Paratha