January 29, 2015

Yam Fry (Sennai Kizhangu Fry)

Yam fry tastes more delicious and crispier  than potato chips. It is very easy to make and gives a perfect combination with Sambhar Rice and traditional rice varieties. The crunchiness lasts longer in this fry. It can also be served as a starter and this yam fry has gained popular  and served in Chennai Marriage Feasts...


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Recipe for making Yam fry:

It is always good to buy whole yam rather in pieces. Wash it thoroughly to remove the mud and soil on it. Wipe it well till it becomes dry.









Then peel off the skin and cut them into small cubes. (Don't ever wash the Yam after cutting or chopping. Since it is very high in calcium, it causes itching if washed after chopped)








Heat a pan with oil for deep frying. In a cup mix red chilli powder, hing powder and salt and keep aside.

Deep fry the chopped cubes of yam in the oil in lots till they become golden brown and the bubbles in the oil settle down.

Transfer them to a tissue cloth to absorb oil. Sprinkle the chilli and salt powder and mix well.

The hot, spicy and crispy Yam fry is ready now.









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