July 22, 2014

Snake Gourd Dry Curry

Fed up of making Snake guard with coconut? Try this recipe. Even your kids will start liking snake guard.. 


Snake gourd cut into thin pieces – 2 cups

Chopped onion – 1 cup

Corn flour 2 tb spoons

Besan flour 2 tb spoons

Curd 1 tb spoon

Required salt

Chilli powder 2 tea spoons or Sambhar powder 3 tea spoons

Garam masala powder ½ tea spoon (Optional)

Oil 1 tbspoon


Mix all Ingredients given above well in a microwave vessel and microwave it for 5 minutes. Take it out and stir well. After 3 minutes again microwave it for 5 minutes and repeat it one more time . Well masala coated Snake gourd is ready for your meals and also for Roti.


  1. Why do we add corn flour? What is the substitute? Traditionally, I don't think corn flour was used in Indian cooking. I would like to try this without using corn flour. When do I add the curd if I am using a gas top and not a microwave?

    1. Mix one tb spoon of besan flour and one tb spoon of rice flour instead of cornflour. Curd can be added as said above for microwave procedure.

    2. I did try it. It turned out good. Thank you. The chow chow kootu, without coconut, has something amiss. I should probably cook it again to get it right, I guess. Lovely blog. Regards.