August 07, 2014

Tip #3: Make a Two-in-One Side Dish in 15 minutes?!

When we plan a side dish for chapathi or roti in the morning and again a side dish for lunch meal we literally run short of time and get confused. On those days let us make our morning schedule little relaxed with a Smart Samayal Tip....

Why can't we make a side dish that suits both the breakfast and lunch menu? Good Idea..Right? 

In an oven bowl take chopped vegetables of your choice. My suggestion is Cabbage / Lady's Finger / Snake Gourd / Kovakkai (Tindora). 


Add chopped onions, tomatoes and salt. Now mix a pinch of turmeric powder, a tea spoon of chilly powder, 1/4 tea spoon of cumin seed powder, 1 tablespoon of Coriander powder with two table spoons of curd and add to the vegetable mix.


 Sprinkle 2 tb spoons of besan powder and a table spoon of Corn flour  and mix all the ingredients together with 2 table spoons of oil and microwave for 5 minutes in high powder mode. 


Then stir them well and again repeat the process thrice leaving some gap inbetween. The curry is ready to serve.


 Roll the rotis with the veggie stuff and have as breakfast or have this as a side dish with your Rice meal in the lunch box. Isn't it easy?


You can also make it in the morning in large quantity and refrigerate to use it for dinner. 

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