October 10, 2014

Chow Chow Thol Thogaiyal (Chayote Peel Chutney)

Chow Chow is the very common vegetable we often use in cooking. It acts as substitute to Ash gourd or Cucumber. We usually make Sambhar, Kootu, Curry out of Chow Chow. Adding this vegetable to morekuzhambu also tastes very well. When this vegetable is fresh its skin can also be used to make thogayal (Chutney) which goes very well with rice and Chapathis. When I make this for tiffins i add some onions and tomatoes. For rice I make it traditionally. Today I am giving the chutney for tiffin.

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Skin of the Chow Chow (Chayote) 1 bowl (wash the vegetable well and then peel the skin)

Red chillies 5

Tomatoes chopped 2

Onions 2

Tamarind a small goose berry size

Salt to taste

Oil 2 table spoons


Heat the kadai with a table spoon of oil and fry onions, tomatoes and red chillies till they cook well and transfer to a plate.



Add the remaining oil and fry Chow chow skin in medium flame till it becomes soft or changes colour. It takes some time to cook if the skin is thick. Add the tamarind also.

After everything cools down, grind them to chutney with salt and saute it with mustard seeds and curry leaves.


If you are doing this for rice don't add onion and tomato. Instead in a teaspoon of oil roast 2 tablespoons uradh dhal, 1/4 teaspoon hing and red chillies and keep aside. Fry the vegetable skin separately with oil and grind them all with tamarind, salt and some coconut to get tasty chutney for rice.