November 26, 2014

Snakeguord Poricha Kootu (Pudalangai Poricha Kootu)

Snake Gourd Poricha kootu is the traditional side dish made with pepper, cumin seeds and moong dal. It is made usually as the side dish for vatha kuzhambu. After getting to normal from fever or any infection, this kootu is made with Rasam since easily digestible  and it tastes heavenly...

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Ingredients for making Snake gourd kootu;

Chopped Snakegourd 1 bowl

Moong dal 1 cup

Pepper corns 3 tea spoons

Cumin seeds 1 tea spoon

Red chilli 1

Raw rice 2 tea spoons

Coriander seeds 2 tea spoons

Coconot 1 tb spoon

Mustard seeds and oil for seasonig

Curry leaves



How to make Snake gourd kootu?

In a pan dry roast pepper, raw rice, red chilli, cumin seeds and coriander seeds till the colour changes and add with the fresh coconut and grind to paste. Keep it aside.











Boil the moong dal with water. It is half cooked add the snake gourd with salt and turmeric powder. When it becomes soft  add the ground paste and mix well. Add the curry leaves and saute it with mustard seeds.


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