November 24, 2014

Traditional Keerai Masiyal (Mashed Green or Spinach)

Keerai masiyal is the simple and healthy side dish for any kuzhambu rice. It suits very well for the vathakuzhambu rice. Mixing either vathakuzhambu or sambar with keerai and having it as side dish for curd rice tastes very delicious.  I never use mixie for mashing the keerai. Mashing it with a wooden masher (Maththu) gives an exotic taste.

Method for making Keerai Masiyal:

For this spinach mash take 2 bowls of Amarnath leaves (Mulai keerai or Arai keerai) and wash them well.

Chop them finely.


In a kadai with half cup of water and little salt cook the chopped greens. While boiling add a pinch of turmeric and a half teaspoon of sugar. Sugar makes the green to retain its colour.


When the leaves become soft and water becomes dry dissolve 2 tea spoons of raw rice powder in half cup of water to the greens.

Mash it with a ladle or masher well.

Saute it with mustard seeds, urad dal, 2 red chillies. hing powder and cumin seeds.