June 19, 2015

Spicy Yam Shallow Fry

Different from the usual yam curry. This spicy and tasty curry makes a delicious side dish with Rasam rice and Dhal rice. Simple to prepare and makes your Lunch special!!

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cooking Time: 30 mins
Serves: 4


Yam – ½ k.g

Oil – 2 tb spoons

Fennel seeds – 1 tea spoon

Dhania (Coriander seed) powder – 1 tb spoon

Red chilli powder – 2 tea spoons

Cumin seed powder – ½ tea spoon

Besan Flour 2 tb spoons

Salt and turmeric powder

Mustard seeds and urad dal for seasoning

Curry leaves 


Cut the Yam in to flat rectangular pieces of 1 inch size.  

In a pressure cooker put the yam and add  water so that the Yam pieces are well immersed in water and cook it . 

Switch off the stove after a whistle. Drain the water out and keep the boiled Yam aside.

Now heat the kadai with the oil. 

Add mustard seeds and urad dal. After they splutter put the fennel seeds and wait till it splutters. 

Then add all given powders like turmeric powder, salt,  red chilli powder cumin seed powder and dania powder . 

Stir well all together and add the boiled Yam and keep the stove in medium flame. 

Stir the vegetable then and there. Let the vegetable get roasted well atleast for 15 to 20 minutes in low flame. Sprinkle the Besan flour and give a gentle stir.

When  yam turns to roasted brown colour switch off the stove and garnish with curry leaves.