April 25, 2016

Tip #21: Fourteen Tips for Super-Fast Cooking


Multi tasking in kitchen comes from practice. The time we spend in kitchen depends on the cooking skill. Planning and preparation time will save minutes.Apart from all the Smart Samayal Tips given below, Enjoy every minute of cooking, feel the aroma to bring life to your recipes...


  • We all plan the menu for the next day but fail to check whether we have the vegetables and groceries needed for it are in stock. So always do both simultaneously in advance.


  • Keep the old items in front and newly bought veggies at the back of the tray to avoid wastage due to rotting.


  • Before going to bed, just spend ten minutes to make the kitchen ready for next morning. Organized kitchen will make you to love cooking.

  • Make sure your kitchen knives are sharp and user friendly.


  • As soon as you get into the kitchen boil water which helps a lot for many things. Starting from coffee filter, to soak tamarind and to wash kitchen towels.

  • If no time to buy vegetables on a busy day don't get tensed. Use the sprouts in the shelf.


  • During week ends wash the ginger, peel the skin and cut them into small pieces and store in an air tight box.


  • Have small air tight boxes to store peeled garlic, washed and chopped green chillies, curry leaves and coriander leaves.


  • In small cups keep the sauteing and seasoning items ready before cooking and this will help a lot to prevent over roasting or time waste in opening the spice box for every recipe.


  • Don't ever try a new recipe for the first time on a busy morning.


  • Keep the things that you rarely use at a distance and the most used used tools closest to you. Take out the veggies and things needed from the refrigerator before starting cooking and keep closer to you. Don't waste time by walking to refrigerator often.


  • Use minimum number of vessels for cooking. Spreading out too much of vessels give a messy look and heavy task.


  • Plan a Simple Breakfast if the lunch menu is heavy and vice versa.


  • On working days, choose the recipe with fewer ingredients.