September 08, 2014

Wheat Flour Iddiyappam (Wheat Flour String Hoppers)

A nourishing, delicious and healthy breakfast loved by all age groups.Easy to make and tasty to eat. Easily digestible since it is a steamed food.  Highly recommended for the Diabetic people also...

Ingredients to make Wheat flour Idiyappam:

Whole wheat flour (Sieved)  3 cups

Water 4 to 5 cups

Oil 2 tea spoons

salt as required

How to make Wheat Flour Idiyappam?

In a heavy bottomed pan roast the wheat flour continuously for at least 8 to 10 minutes in medium flame without burning the flour to black. When the flour at the bottom becomes brown its the right time to transfer it to a plate. This can be done in large quantity and stored in a dry container. 

Boil the water with salt and 2 tea spoons of oil. When it starts giving out bubbles switch off the stove.

Now pour the water gently on the wheat flour and mix well with a wooden ladle. When it comes to the consistency of Chappathi dough stop pouring the water. Knead the dough well and it should not be too hard or dry. If so add 2 more table spoons of water.

Make them into balls and put it into the idiyaapam press and squeeze out as the idiyappam on idly plates and steam them out.

Serve them with coconut and sugar toppings or Vegetable stew or Kadappa.